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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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inland. the governor warning those who did not evacuate time is running out. live pictures from myrtle beach, clouds, big surf as the outer band of this storm approaching. charleston is not losing a curfew. >> parts of florida are riding this out. new sreuz/ ry out, weakened to a category 2 storm moving northwest at 10 miles per hour. you can see what the storm right now, let's go to diane gag tkpwer/. reporter: hurricane matthew weakening to a category 2 storm in the latest update we are getting from the national weather service. located 50 miles east from where we are, right now and tell you, we are seeing some of the effects of it at this point, not just on the saint john's river, but we are seeing the ocean come up
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streets that look like streams in saint augustine and florid florida's coast continues to battle with this hurricane. fierce winds, gushing waters and flying debris, hurricane matthew whips florida's coast, battering daytona beachnd one hundred mile-per-hour wind winds. as northeast florida braces for impact. >> potential for significant flooding in yakima sonville. >> coastal communities in georgia, south carolina, north carolina on notice as hurricane matthew continues on its path. >> storm force winds that are affecting the state of georgia and will continue to do so, we are told for about the next 24-hours. >> it is getting worst, so, we
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winds. >> the greatest impact north carolina will be saturday through sunday morning. reporter: president obama is urging residents in the areas to be on guard. >> those of you that live in georgia should be paying attention because there is been a lot of emphasis on florida, but this thing will keep moving north through florida into south carolina. there are large population centers there that could be vul reporter: the major concern, of alexandre couto silva cours course, for the barrier island islands, coastal areas from jacksonville to south carolina is the flooding. that's what we are battling with here. jacksonville beach, the ocean running down first street in that area at this point. this has become a deadly storm. 3 deaths in florida so far being blamed on hurricane matthew. reporting live, i'm diane gag tkpwer/, back to you.
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>> trowel has increased for people along the coast. in palm coast, the storm surge has pushed water to the shore, wav waves crashed up against sliding doors as you can see here. the person that took this video as high water battered their being flooded from the storm surge, the mayor there is war warning people if they have not evacuated, they should stay pu put. >> it was too late probably around 8 o'clock this morning. a small window this morning where people could have evacuated. we have gasty at shelters and we were hopeful that people if they have not moved now, they need to stay as
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we can when the storm passes. reporter: waves are crashing over a sea wall at the hill to ton. storm surge, flooding, a big concern up and down the coast. the governor said don't under statement this storm surge. storm surge is the bi biggest concern here. an incredible video out of the bahamas showing the strepbtd/ of hurricane matthew's w ripped completely off the home. there goes the rest of it. people left cleaning up, emergency officials are telling people to stay inside while they assess the damage.
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east of jacksonville, florida, category 2 storm, winds one hundred miles an hour. the track takes it to savannah, beaufort, charleston, perhaps myrtle beach and off shore, numbers are lowering down to a category one storm sometime tomorrow night and through the day sunday. still advising the loop around, but also weakenin weakening. we think as it gets back towards the bahamas, really, we would be talking about a tropical depression. this is not going to be a one two punch with matthew. there is matthew, eye wall off shore. thankfully, when you talk about one 10 miles per hour, you find them in the eye wall. on shore, you are getting pummeled with the bands rotated from the storm, saint august tao+epb/, jacksonville, very heavy rain. that's the cape up
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heavy rain, not as strong with the wind. it's that storm surge that is the greatest concern. time line, continuing the northerly path through south carolina, very heavy rain and from there, it looks like it starts to bend, south and east. how much rain? we are talking anywhere between 6-10 inches corridor. leading to inland flooding. you have the coastal flooding tied to the storm surge. wins, the strongest off shore, but at the coastline, that's where we anticipate win winds to gust around 75 miles per hour, perhaps a little higher. savannah through charleston, as we advance the time line, the red block gets smaller and begins to move off shore our weather, we'll talk
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minutes. let's go to sara row saeur/ row with the latest on the row with the latest on the conditions, there. sara . reporter: residents breath they assess the damage. daytona beach. across the street from our hotel. take a look at this tree. uprooted because of the strong winds. as we pan over, the building, part of the roof dangling off it. most of it blown away by the strong winds, part of it sitting there in the street. in front of this building, you can see it is protected by aluminum siding. but this is
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there. today, it was tumbling down the street. these are things we are seeing, local officials are warning people stay off the roads. there is a mandatory curfew from midnight to 7:00 am tomorrow morning and now that the storm has passed over this area, we are seeing traffic along the main stretch increasing. along with that, police patrolss are assessing the damage. we'll see what comes out of there. we are preparing for more wind and more rains. for now, reporting live in daytona beach sara row saeur/ row, rya ryan, back to you. >> thank you so much, sara. continue to get the latest
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updates from matthew. we are following breaking news. reporter: you can see the yellow tape up right here. that's because this is where that car went into the library. we are told normally on a friday like this, there would be children inside of this room, today, thankfully, that wasn't the case. >> my first instinct, i thought a stack of books had fallen somewhere, but then i realized it was coming from where there are no books. >> typically the place known for being quiet. >> i was in the back and i heard what sounded like an explosion. reporter: at around 11:00 45, friday morning, >> 2 of my staff people came back to see what happened. and they said "there is a car in the building ". >> police say an 87 -year-old woman was behind the wheel,
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a parking spot when it accelerated into the library. >> we went out back to see what was going on. >> the lie was open when the car came smashing through, thankfully, no one was in the room when it crashed. >> normally, we would have had a room of small children for children's programing. thankil libraryian took the day off. >> the woman and a passenger were treated on the scene. reporter: the building was evacuated for a short time. the car was tkreufrp/ out of this area where you are looked right here. the building reopened. investigators are looking to see how it actually is. it was safe enough that they were able to reopen the library. john cocoa "7 news".
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believe the people responsible for a deadly home invasion might be driving a car like this one here. a man dead in his own home. his wife left for dead. kimberly bookman has more. reporter: the victim in this case was 935 years old. despite his age, he was described as vibrant. he was still working, still hiking. in fact, he had a trip planned for n >> town of orange wednesday night, family tells "7 news"they were found the next morning when a home health aide morning when a home health aide stopped in . this man's older brother, 935 -year-old thomas hardy was killed during the attack. >> he was always a hard worker. he was good to everybody. everybody loved him. he was a mountain climber. >>reporter: as healthy and
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wife, 77 years old, was in a wheelchair and needed assistan assistant. >> man and a woman and he stabbed them both, killing him and i guess they thought she was dead, you know, but she's paralyzed from a stroke and she couldn't move. reporter: clean up crews entered the crime scene on river street. northwestern district's office put out a picture similar gray toyota stolen during the home invasion. >> they are obviously cowards and i can't wait to meet them. >> now, fisher's family said she is doing okay. currently, she's as u mass medical ph/ wooster. >> a dorchester man will spend years behind bars after pleading guilty, charges from a
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in prison. 4 years of probation. he will be required to pay $10,000 restitution to the family of 2 victims. prosecutors say horton was driving 57 miles an hour when he drove into 2 children and took off. one of the victims, this little girl. she died in the crash. her cousin was critically injured. >> to our election countdown, 33 the polls. 2 days before the second presidential debate. this time, it will be a town hall setting. hilary clinton is preparing privately and donald trump is taking a more
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. >> clinton is on the off the campaign trail. >> can you imagine stphe/ past republican president saying "i didn't pay any taxes. that makes me smart "? >> preparations underway in st. louis for sunday's debate. town house style, questions
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just a reminder, when trump and clinton face off for the second time, 7 new's dan housely will be there. look for his live reports. >> tom brady's sao+rpb/ is about to start. the quarterback about to take the field. but it could be game field. but it could be game over for one of his teammates. a run away van in arlingto
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. tom brady return. he has a little catching up to do. >> while brady!braid!braidy may be just getting started, this could be the end of another player's season. dan housely with the very latest. dan? . reporter: yeah, now t-rbgs/ looks like you can be more impressed with jacoby had to present. he played well in the bills game. bill belichick warning don't expect
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mid-season form. tom brady back at practice, looking good, according to teammates, but is he ready to play? the coach said it's not automatic to expect any player to be at the top of his game. after weeks away from practic practices, no matter what he has been doing to get sharp. >> it's hard for a player that plays football to not play football. >> while fans may be excited see tom brady on the field, he expects teammates to keep their cool and do their job. >> let's just do our jobs and see if we can compete. reporter: while tom brady is beginning, jacoby on injured reserve because of his hand that was injured. he was the
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we continue to track hurricane matthew. lock at jacksonville, wind is whipping up new waves. >> this is myrtle beach, south carolina. impact z heading. you are starting to see the waves have a little more strength behind them. that will bring us to the expert. >> we do have a new advisory out. winds have gone counsel to category 2. does that mean good news? >> not really because it has built up so much momentum, at this point, it will be tough to think -- -- we had a category 2
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know what that did can do and did. it is a category 2. i do not anticipate it going back up to 3, 4, 5, in terms of storm intensity, it has reached his peak, but it's a big engine. it's not like you turn the switch off and everything fades away. these things have a lot of momentum and energy. it slowly winds down rain. it does not encompass a lot of real estate. not much going on. a couple of showers, along the i the 5 corridor and it works up north through savannah and eventually, beaufort and charleston, myrtle beach, even further away. it's
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north overnight and perhaps try to land somewhere along the south carolina coastline. north of savannah, perhaps it is beaufort as well as charleston, somewhere in there tomorrow morning. strongest winds right at the coastline. anywhere between 70-80 miles. the storm surge. at one time, this was a category 4 storm. all of the water has been pushed ahead. even though the storm is downgraded, the going to end up along the georgia and south carolina coastline. the shape of the coastline is working against those folks, can you see here, trap of water. it doesn't have a place to go so there is the hurricane, notice the moisture streaming through carolina and the virginia's. this is the cool front. we talked about
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of this moisture and pull it u up. weekend forecast, pretty good. cool front slated to come through with clouds tomorrow afternoon and a few showers, at one time, i think the front would keep on moving. we'll hold clouds for everyon everyone. i do think a few showers are likely on the south shore. cape and even in metro boston, plan on a couple of showers, it is dry as you work fitchburg. not likely sunday. boston, new bedford, chatham, showers are likely for game 3 at fenway park. not a washout, but showers. sunday, clearing skies, monday, mostly sunny skies, your 7 on 7 forecast, sunshine for the next week. "7
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narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right, there is another 60 minutes of "7 news"state ahood. >> "7 news"at 5:30 starts right now. >>. >> hurricane matthew slamming the east coast. team coverage. >> a run away van plow home after the driver forgets to put the vehicle into park. >> one man hits the roof when a solar company does damage to his house. when customer service did not respond, he called us. >> we begin tracking hurricane matthew. a live look at what is going on in florida, strong winds, rain, destruction caused by the now category 2 hurrican hurricane. it continues to surge up the east coast.


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